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Dawn King is a country/soft rock singer who lives in Vernon, B.C., Canada. Dawn's influences include Celine Dion and Martina McBride. During her childhood Dawn listened to many great female singers and was especially inspired by Linda Ronstadt and Anne Murray. Their influence is evident in Dawn's vocal performances and in her choice of songs. Dawn is particularly drawn to rhythmic songs that feature a compelling storyline, evocative lyrics and melodies - and are insightful and hopeful.

Dawn released her debut album, It's Time to Shine, in the fall of 2013. This album described by Canadian legendary music maker Linda Dawe as, "A quintessential album and boomers dream come true." The album is loaded with Dawn's rich, golden, resonate vocals, the songs are fabulously hooky and well-crafted. Produced by Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter) your toes will definitely tap and a few songs will certainly pull at your heart strings.

Dawn's vocals and her award winning songwriter husband Robert King's songs are a great partnering! Renee Grant-Williams (Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban) says, "Dawn's vocals are so beautiful and I hear King-size hits!"

Since the release of the album Dawn has been featured on the Smith Chevrolet Canadian Top 10 Countdown. Her song, Nothin' But The Truth, was chosen as CBC's Song of the Day. Dawn has won many awards for her vocal talents. She is excited to share her music, connect with fans and light up everyone she meets with her joy and passion.

Inspire and Ignite!

Dawn has an unstoppable desire to help people reach their potential - to overcome the barriers that stand between the past, the present, and the realization of their tomorrows (she was awarded the Anthony Robbins Life Mastery Award so… she is pretty decent at it!)

Dawn is moxy personified. With a master’s degree in street smarts she can sing like an angel one moment and kick you in the *** the next, just because she believes in you so much! She has a heart as big as British Columbia, more passion than ten, a daring and courageous side, hands that were made to heal, and a laser-like ability to look deep into people’s truth and touch their soul. She wants to move you, soothe you, and groove you.

Dawn has won over critics, judges, and countless fans. She wants you to be more than you even imagined. It’s her mission, her message and it's her music.



Dawn King - Shine Always

Dawn King

About Dawn

Music has been her personal passion since a tender age. It was her solice, her refuge, and her expression. It offered her emotional security and personal dignity - and she gave it, and continues to give it, her heart and soul.

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