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Dawn King is one of the most inspiring and refreshing personal development teachers of our time. She is a national award-winning author and a recording artist/vocalist. Dawn is also a recipient of the Anthony Robbins Life Mastery Award, an award she received as a result of her helping the homeless, mentoring women of domestic violence and her leadership with the Anthony Robbins Foundation. Dawn has dedicated her life to helping people believe in their dreams, embrace what's possible, turn adversity into opportunity and share their shine!

As a result of experiencing a turbulent childhood Dawn received what she calls, “an unbridled desire to overcome the debilitating habits and conditioning of generations.”

Although she was only fourteen years of age, Dawn set out to live on her own. There was no mentorship in Dawn’s life so in order to take care of her basic needs she had to quit school, work full time and enroll herself in the school of life, where she earned “a master’s degree in turning adversity into opportunity”.

Always resourceful and resilient, she held down two jobs to provide the necessities of life - an apartment, food, and clothing...Later, Dawn began training in what was to be dual major life purposes, creating exceptional results in the natural health and wellness field on one hand, and mentoring a psychology of possibilities on the other.

Dawn overcame tremendous adversity and, against the odds, has not only survived, but has truly thrived. Her passion and dedication is to help others to live their bold, brave and beautiful life.

Caring, wise and compassionate, Dawn is part unicorn, part teddy bear and definitely part lioness. After 25 years of mentoring now Dawn adds her uplifting and inspiring music to the mix. Dawn is a unique and trusted advisor and messenger, for living a vibrant life.


"This book will help you reclaim optimum physical and spiritual well being. This is the plan every body needs!"
- Dr. Kurt Grange Ph.D., N.D

"Dawn King is the REAL DEAL; as a friend, a singer, a mother, an author, a dreamer, a doer, a creative force, and as a *mentor*. She practices what she preaches and you can see it in her life. Dawn is genuine, she has 'been there'! Let her help you get unstuck so that you can shine like you were meant to."
- Hallie Haas | Mental Health Specialist at The Lindner Center of Hope, Sibcy House

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